A Scenario in My Head (2020)

For unaccompanied soprano
Texts: 30 tweets by Danielle Weisberg
Duration: 12 minutes
Commissioned by Gerald Appelstein

Written for soprano Zen Wu

World premiere TBD, but some songs previewed on YouTube and social media.

Program note: I came to know soprano Zen Wu by way of social media, especially through her lively presence on Twitter. So when we decided to work together on a new piece, I thought it would be fun to look to Twitter for fitting texts. My first choice was to mine the tweets of Danielle Weisberg, a writer and comedian who has written an episode of The Simpsons. Her humor and sensibilities resonate well with mine, and I also thought it would be an interesting fit for Zen as a performer. Combing through over a year of Danielle’s tweets was certainly one of the more entertaining text selection processes I’ve endured, and I eventually winnowed it down to thirty, some of which make for musical minaitures only a few seconds long.