As if Saying Goodbye (2020)

For mezzo-soprano voice and piano
(Upcoming version for soprano and piano)
Texts by Andrea Cohen
Duration: 9 minutes
Commissioned by Lisa Carlson, Elizabeth Falk, Theresa Huntsman, Martin Piecuch, and Max Shterngel

Written for Emily Hughes, mezzo-soprano

World premiere TBD, but some songs previewed on YouTube and social media.

Program note: I discovered Andrea Cohen’s poetry by chance, when I came across “The Committee Weighs In” on my Twitter feed. It struck me quite deeply, and I held onto the poem. A couple years later, when I was drawn to return to the art song genre, it became my starting point. I soon discovered that I connected to many of Andrea’s poems, and when I reached out to her I was delighted by her openness and enthusiasm for musical settings of her work. The poems I chose for this cycle seem to center on loss and various responses to it, but they also frequently include playfullness and images of childhood.