Please see below for more information about my services as composer, pianist, educator, and consultant:


I am happy to consider commissioning opportunities of any size or genre, including works for personal occasions (birthdays, anniversaries, memorials, etc). Particular areas of expertise for me include music for dance, vocal music, solo piano, and chamber works.

I have great respect for the substantial investment that commissioning a composer can take. It is vital to the survival of the arts that the process continue, so I encourage you to consider supporting new work in this way. As a return on your investment, here is what I can offer:

1) A finished, signed copy of the engraved score
2) A notice in the score and in the official program notes of your role in the creation of the piece
3) Some autograph sketch or score material (if requested)
4) Acknowledgment on my website
5) A recording of the work’s premiere (or other available performance)
6) Most important: the existence of a new piece of music and the knowledge that you made it possible

More information, including a basic pricing guide, can be found in my commissioning packet.

For a list of prospective new works seeking funding, please see my most recent specs for proposed projects.



I am available for recital, chamber, collaborative, and concerto engagements, as well as for student musicians in need of a pianist. I have over 30 years experience working with other musicians, as well as considerable experience with new music and working with dancers.

There are videos posted of me playing Godowsky, Bach-Busoni (with dance), Janáček, Ravel (with violin), Kurtág (4-hands), in addition to my own music. A list of my past repertoire may be found here.

Pricing will depend on specifics; please inquire!


I have over a decade of experience teaching music at the college/conservatory level. This includes music theory, aural skills, keyboard harmony, music history/appreciation, and piano performance. I’ve given masterclasses in piano and composition, and I’ve also taught music courses for dancers at NYU and Peridance.

I am available for private piano lessons, either at my home in Brooklyn, or at the student’s home (within a reasonable commute). Most of my piano students have been adults or older teenagers with some degree of experience and an interest in classical repertoire. I have taught children and beginners, but that’s not my specialty, and there are many excellent teachers who focus on that type of teaching. A strong fit for me would be a student who is interested in deepening their connection with the score, honing their technique, and better channeling their musicianship through the instrument (for example, adults returning to the instrument after time away, performers of other instruments or artists in other discplines who want to develop their piano skills, students preparing for auditions or performances, etc).

I am also available for:

  • private composition lessons
  • music theory and aural skills training/tutoring
  • coachings for dancers/choreographers interested in developing their listening skills and understanding of the musical literature

Rates generally start at $100/hr at my home, $125/hr if I need to travel, but a sliding scale may be possible as needed, and discounts are available for remote lessons. Please inquire!


We all want a thriving, equitable arts ecosystem. We want artists at all professional levels to feel supported, valued, and connected to their communities. And we want audiences to have steady access to the enormous wealth of artistic work that continues to be created, developed, and presented across all genres and media. Enormous strides have been made towards achieving these goals, but I believe it is possible to do better. Artists still confront unique challenges related to the demands of their craft, the rigidity of funding mechanisms, scarce outlets for presentation, and archaic societal assumptions (such as the “starving artist” archetype).

Meeting the evolving conditions of our time and improving the health of the artisic community requires attention from all involved—grantmakers, presenters, venues, nonprofit organizations, and artists themselves. I offer my insights and guidance, developed from over a decade as an arts entrepreneur and nonprofit director and over two decades as a professional artist, to those who share this vision for a vibrant arts world and wish to be a part of its manifestation.

My expertise lies in the performing arts—music and dance, particularly—and I have devoted extensive research to outlining new funding structures to support the ongoing work of their practicioners. I can help both new and existing grantmakers focus their giving to maximize impact to artists and contribute to the long-term health of the field. For presenters and larger organizations, I can help ensure that programs are responsive to the needs of the industry and nurture the artist/audience relationship. For individuals and startups, I can help navigate the complexities of entering the field and finding your place in the arts landscape.

Areas we can explore together may include:

For grantmakers (foundations, corporations, etc)

  • Does your funding effectively reach working artists, including freelancers?
  • Do you interrogate existing funding mechanisms in developing your own funding initiatives? Are there areas to address that others are missing?
  • Can your submission and evaluation procedures better align with the realities of the field?
  • For new grantmakers, do you need guidance building an online presence and/or an open submission infrastructure?
  • Is an awareness of equity, diversity, and inclusion built into your grantmaking?
  • To what extent do you meet artists where they are, versus requiring them to fit into your parameters?
  • Do you trust artists themselves to know how to allocate funds?

For venues, presenters, and nonprofits

  • Can your programming better align with the needs of artists and audiences?
  • Do your programs encourage and facilitate artists’ connecting with communities?
  • Do your programs duplicate others? Are there novel ways to approach or tweak your offerings?
  • Are your own support networks connected with the artists you present?
  • At a fundamental, soul-searching level, to what extent does your organization serve artists, as compared to the reverse?

For individual artists, ensembles, and startups

  • Do you need guidance researching opportunities and/or writing grants?
  • Have you defined, and can you articulate, your artistic and/or organizational identity?
  • Do you have a sense of your place within the larger arts community in your area?
  • Are you considering, or in the process of, founding an ensemble or organization?

Consulting rates start at $200/hr for grantmakers and larger organizations, with a sliding scale available for individual artists and startups. Project and retainer rates are also available. Please contact me through the form on the homepage.