Coda (2010)

For solo violin
Duration: 3 minutes

World premiere: December 19, 2011
Elebash Recital Hall, New York
Ari Streisfeld, violin

This work is available for retail purchase from Theodore Front Musical Literature.
This work is available for institutional purchase from Harrassowitz (OttoEditions) and Theodore Front Musical Literature.
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Program note: I originally wrote this work for a friend who was planning a recital of short pieces, and one of the reasons I called it Coda was that I thought it might subtly suggest that he use it to close the program! The recital never happened, though, and the piece sat until the intrepid Ari Streisfeld took on the premiere a year later. The other thought behind the title is that coda literally means tail, and I imagined the bow whipping about like the tail of a wild boar. It’s a microtonal virtuoso showpiece that builds a frenetic energy during its short timespan.

Additional performances on youtube by Emily Popham Gillins and Tema Watstein: